book by Keith Tonkel

Get ready for “big” in little pieces.  These two books (HeartStuff and GodStuff)are “feelings in the form of words,” in what Keith likes to call “stoetry, something between prose, poetry, and short-short stories.”

Labels divide.
We should not be afraid
to declare our points of view
to give names to our ideas.

All too often, however,
we force people into labels:
Liberal or conservative,
fundamentalist or evangelical
faithful or sinful,
something or nothing,
and countless shades of in between.

Excuse my reluctance
to buy neat categories.
I find myself
some of this,
and that,
and the other.

Which, they say,
Makes me ‘suspect.’
Suspect I am,
for my head and  heart
will not allow
the confining definitions.

I’m more of one thing
than the other,
and choose to live
In a strong faith and value place.

Definitions don’t define,
and designations don’t explain,
and labels don’t describe.

Not to me,
not in matters of the head
and heart.
Wear your label
if you must,
I can live
in the ‘exodus’ space.

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